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Hunt Testimonials

What They’re Saying

"Just wanted to say thanks for the hunt last weekend and that we really had a good time. You really knew how to find the pigs and your efforts made the hunt efficient and memorable. Looking forward to having some wild hog sausage this weekend with our spaghetti! Take care and hope the season is continually successful for you!!"

CWO Robert Coyle- Alameda

"I have been hunting with Jack & Tim yearly since 2006. Each year I've gotten a nice pig and had fun doing it. Practical, straight talking guys with tremendous energy, and they knows their ranch. They are also tenacious, pushing hard to get the client a shot. They have been very patient with my steep learning curve, and have taught me valuable hunting skills on every trip. I plan to continue my annual tradition of taking a pig for the holiday feast, and I would recommend them to anyone."

Daniel - San Francisco, CA

"Thanks again for a great experience on Walkin T. For our first time out, you really were patient and knowledgeable. For a couple of beginner hog hunters you made it a fantastic experience. The ranch is beautiful and what you guys are doing is quite wonderful. We look forward to future hunts at the ranch and hopefully making another great experience for the photo books. Thanks again!"

Vince & Chris - Crowley Lake, Ca.

"Hunting with Jack on Walkin T ranch was a great experience. I had never been hunting before and Jack was really knowledgeable and patient with me. I gained a lot of insight about pigs and hunting in general. I would love to continue hunting at Walkin T ranch with Jack in the future and make it an annual trip."

Marcus - Carlsbad, CA

"Just wanted to send you a note thanking you and your staff for a great time on your ranch. We really had a good time and one to remember."

John - Garden Grove, CA

"Just dropping a note to thank you all for the weekend, we had a blast! We appreciate all the hard work you all put into finding pigs for us. Thank you also, for letting me be the first to get a turkey on the ranch! We will be definitely be back - it was certainly a good time!"

Dirk - Placentia, CA

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